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62.Callirhoe (Private Commission)

62.Callirhoe (Private Commission)

A private commission doll for Beatrice.

Callirhoe (poem by Beatrice Bertini)

Centuries have waxed and waned;

The sea has ebbed and flowed, washing

The shores of Samothrace, the last haven
Where the Triple Goddess is still revered.

Callirhoe with the flaming hair
Trailing down her back like a bonfire;
Callirhoe with the mysterious green eyes
That reflect the depths of the sea;
Callirhoe with her whimsical smile,
The last priestess of the Triple Goddess.

When she sings the ancient rites
The birds become mute, the beasts in
The forest no longer pursue their prey
Time itself stops to listen to
The unearthly tones of her voice.

The old religion has long since been
Banished from the sunlit island.
But for as long as she lives, Callirhoe will
Revere the Triple Goddess with
Her wild soul and her fiery heart.

- Modification: carving done on nose, nostrils, lips, and caruncle. Her body has been mattified
- Hair: Heat resistant by Leekeworld + silicone wig cap.
- Eyechips by Elfique Lunatique
- Dress & cape set by Yukijiro
- Basket of mushrooms
- Packaging box
- Extra gift

General disclaimer- small imperfections due to handmade nature. Please do not expect a perfect/ factory doll. : )

From a smoke-free and a pet-free home.

For security reason, I have the right to refuse selling to potential scammers. ^ ^
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Thank you!

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