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Charon Dolls

3. Wawa  (Adopted)

3. Wawa (Adopted)

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3. Wawa

”Strong-willed Wawa is cheeky and highly inquisitive.“


- Base doll: Pretty Peony
- Body: modified and strengthened Obitsu 22
- Modification: carving done on nose, nostrils, lips and caruncle.
- Eyechips by Puppelina, Yumi Camui and Lullaby For Dolls.
- Pull Strings: silicone beads and Sodalite stone.
- Bunny helmet: SYDolls
- Romper & shirt: OliOliDolls
- Socks: HelloCoolCat
- Custom bunny: WoollyButtBears
- Wooden stand by Nestiashop
- Original Takara body included
- Certificate of Authenticity
- Extra gift
- Polaroid Pictures
- Packaging box

General disclaimer- small imperfections due to handmade nature. Please do not expect a perfect/ factory doll. : )
From a smoke-free and a pet-free home.


For security reason, I have the right to refuse selling to potential scammers. ^ ^
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Thank you!

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